Adjustable Bras... EXPLAINED

Adjustable Bras... EXPLAINED

Bras are one of those items that all us women have to wear, but can be tricky to shop for. Especially when you have to find the right size and fit! But what if there was a bra that you could adjust to your own size and comfort?

Well, here is!

So if you're on the hunt for a new bra, or simply want to know more about our new adjustable bras, keep reading. We'll explain everything you need to know about adjustable bras, including how they work and what makes them so great.

adjustable bras

We have just launched our first collection of SS22; Rafat, and a debut for Nubian Skin, using bright colour with nudes! This collection features 2 bras and 3 panties. The bras are sized differently to our current collections, as they feature adjustable back wing strapping, which is new to Nubian Skin. The back strapping isn't just visually appealing, but it is functional too.

Nubian Skin SS22 Rafat Collection

Some of the benefits to having back strapping as opposed to a back wing are...

- It is SO beautiful

- It is totally customisable if you often fluctuate with your back size, or if you are in-between back sizes

- The straps are custom dyed like the rest of our collections, to our 4 nude shades, so it blends into your skin tone perfectly.

So how does it work?

Our Rafat Wired bra is sized from a 2-8, and our Rafat Wireless bra is sized from a 2-11.  The numbers are essentially the size of the cups and wires. This means that if you purchase a Rafat bra, you are essentially purchasing 4 bra sizes within 1 bra. This explained through sister sizing which is how bras sizes are made.

adjustable bra guide

A 'D' cup for example is a completely different size cup when it is a 30 back as opposed to with a 36 back. A lot of wearers use sister sizing when their size is out of stock or not available, you can figure out your sister size, and purchase bra accessories to extend the underband (Shop our Bra Extenders), or even reduce it in some cases. The reason for this is because a bras sister size uses the same cup and wires, the only thing that differs is the underband length. In both our Rafat bras, the sizes 2-5 will fit wearers with a normal back size between 30-36, and the sizes 6-11 will fit wearers with a normal back size between 32-38.

See the size chart below to discover your adjustable size -

If you are a 30C, you should buy a size 2 bra, and wear it on the tightest adjustment in the back strapping, if you are a 38DD, you should buy a size 8 bra and wear it on the loosest adjustment in the back strapping, and so on. You are basically creating your custom bra size, by adjusting the straps to how you want to wear your bra, and how the fit is comfortable to you. If you are in-between sizes, you can loosen/tighten it a little depending on how you like to wear it.

rafat bra sizes

Remember, every body is different so adjust to what works best for you depending on what is most comfortable and supportive. If you need to figure out your regular bra size, our Nubian Skin's Founder Ade Hassan demonstrates perfectly in this video.

Caramel Rafat wired bra and g-string

We are so excited about Rafat, let us know in the comments what is your favourite piece from the collection!

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