There is no other person best to describe the technical sides of our new High Summer Collection, JAIYE than our beloved Senior Product developer, Olivia. 


Jaiye’s launch marks exactly 1 year since it was first designed. Designing collections, picking fabric, developing shapes, and perfecting fit and lift is not always a smooth ride, and quality can never be fast-tracked.

French bespoke embroidery 

I wanted to chat about our Jaiye collection from a technical point of view, and how we got to what we have launched.

Jaiye’s hero piece; the Basque; an absolute favourite amongst the Nubian Skin team, was created from the desire to bring life, not just through Jaiye’s beautiful embroidery, but through its shapes. Drawing to the functionality of day to nightwear due to the fact that the embroidery covers the whole cup allowing for modesty outside your home. Our Basque comes in 8 sizes covering many more bra sizes due to its adjustable strapping in the back, so you can tighten/loosen how you wish.
Creating garments for women of colour, who can find and wear their nude, not only in the evening, but also exploring ready-to-wear was a huge deal for us, as our goal is to empower all women of whatever skin tone or ethnicity to feel beautiful in what they wear, day or night. 
Jaiye’s Bra is just as beautiful as it is functional, with each part strategically thought to give the wearer the most confidence & feeling of beauty as possible. The bra’s cups are absolutely fit developed to a T,  I have crafted the cup to hug the breast in exactly the right places to create the look of almost a push up, but in only 2 layers of sheer tulle and an embroidery panel over the top.
It is an absolute work of art from a technical view point, finished off with a dropped cup embroidery panel creating an illusion by folding the neckline of the tulle cup making it totally seamless (along with it blending in with your perfect nude) it allows the eye to only see the embroidery, giving way for the neckline to look much lower than it is, without compromising on fit or coverage. Adjustable style strapping returns for Nubian Skin’s second colour range this season, allowing the wearer to custom fit their bra to their most comfortable back size, whether that be 32”, 34” or 33.7”! Find your bra size here.

The Brief is one of my favourite brief styles to date. It is an amalgamation of our stretch tulle/organic cotton brief (shape wise) mixed with some design features that I had found in Nubian Skin’s design archive. I am so glad I have finally let this shape be seen by the world! A classic full brief with a beautiful twist. Nubian Skin’s iconic gold hardware is on full display in the waist front, and tied together with Jaiye’s richly embroidered tulle, creates a comfortable shape in a beautiful aesthetic.


The Jaiye Suspender Belt is the second Suspender Belt Nubian Skin have released, and like the Plumetis Suspender, each one is posted to the customer with a complimentary pair of matching skin tone hold ups, so you don’t have to wait to create your perfect lingerie look, any longer than you have to! Jaiye’s vibrant royal blue, majestic yellow and leaf green botanicals, sits atop your skin with it’s nude tulle backing creating the illusion that it tattoos your skin alone, paired with gold hardware, adjustable straps to find your perfect length and a 3-step hook & eye to create your custom fit. The Suspender Belt is the perfect addition to any of the Jaiye combinations, but we particularly love it with Jaiye’s bra & brief, it is just the ultimate Woman of Colours lingerie dream.

A High Waist lover's dream, the High Waist Thong is another first for Nubian Skin. It was actually inspired by our Plumetis Bodysuit, with the way it is panelled down the front & back. Adding embroidery across front & back in angles was all that was needed to perfect the garment. Oh, and not to forget its ADORABLE and also functional back keyhole, allowing it to be put on and taken off with ease, at the same time as creating a cute, gold-hooked feature to finish it off. 

I’d love to hear what your favourite piece is, and how you would style your Basque for a daytime look! Let us know in the comments below.
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