Leanne Pero -October and beyond | Breast cancer Awareness

Leanne Pero -October and beyond | Breast cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer is more than just raising awareness in the month of October, the rate of diagnosis is rising rapidly and in the pandemic, the needs of patients for treatment overwhelmed the national healthcare system. As mentioned in our communications, we know as part of the lingerie industry that there is much more to do, in terms of accommodation and other ways of inclusion. We also asked Leanne and her thoughts on Breast Cancer Awareness, beyond October. 

Breast Cancer Awareness beyond October. What could we (the industry) do more?

Cancer Awareness should not just be limited to one month. We need to find a way to make it the norm that we talk about cancer, encourage others to raise awareness, increase the percentage of Black women who check their breasts & help reduce the stark statistics our community face. 

Do you have any plans/ exciting things to look forward to in 2021/2022?
We have just launched our latest campaign; If In Doubt Check It Out - to help raise awareness within the Black community for self-checking and knowing our own bodies.

We are also so proud to have launched a billboard campaign using the incredible images from our latest Black Women Rising Exhibition.

2022 will see the next series of our podcast as well as the next edition of our Black Women Rising Magazine…amongst other projects which will help us reach our message even further.


To connect with Leanne Pero:

Follow her on Instagram and Black Women Rising also feel free to donate to the amazing Leanne Pero Foundation to help support patients during and after care amongst people of colour.

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