New Year, New Lingerie

New Year, New Lingerie


A year of great choices and beautiful underwear sets! This month, amongst many other topics, our team thought it would be helpful to share with you their favourite pieces from the brand. These pieces should be essentials in their wardrobe. We have the perfect piece for you whether you've just recovered from the indulgent holiday season, got an email that WFH is resuming, or want to come in!

As our Communications Coordinator highlights this week, Matt 40 denier Tights will be the item she chooses to spotlight from the new year's collection of wardrobe essentials, for your intimate essentials wardrobe edit. 



Even though these tights launched only last month, I have been grabbing them like there's no tomorrow! I love my legs and firmly believe that I shouldn't have to suffer in choosing to wax and freeze or cover and step in the winter. 2021 was a great year when it came to Christmas and the New Year, and my outfits matched well with my OOTN.

Now that we are in the new year, I'm not letting the cold or over-eating from Christmas stop me from showing my legs still! This is why I love both the 15 Denier and the 40 Denier - because you can never go wrong with shapewear for extra sleek, smooth, silky legs.

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