It’s actually quite a-peeling!

SK:NWe attended the Keziah Connects networking event back in May at one of the SK:N Clinics in London. We learnt some valuable lessons in skin care and the importance of sun cream for darker skin (I know some people who think they don’t really need to wear sun cream – that isn’t the case)! After a lovely evening of finding out more about the fascinating ladies there, I was lucky enough to win one of the SK:N treatments – a facial peel!

You may be thinking the same as me, but the thought of peeling my face is actually a really scary prospect! I had visions of my skin being peeled off leaving me with a shocking red face, and to be honest I was a little afraid. Well, do not be afraid, soldier on, for this treatment is nothing to be scared of! The Glycolic Facial Peel at SK:N is actually a really great, subtle treatment that is both relaxing, and leaves you with lovely, soft glowing skin. It works by removing the top 10% layer of dead skin cells, encouraging new ones to grow!

The actual treatment involved a relaxing facial massage with a substance containing a naturally occurring acid found in sugar cane, which gently dissolves and removes surface dead skin cells. After about 10 minutes, it was wiped and dried, leaving my skin SO SOFT and glowing. I’ve heard that with more treatments there are greater effects, but I was happy to try it the once! One thing that’s important to remember is that you need to wear sun cream for the next couple of weeks to avoid pigmentation in the sun. So far, so good! I’d say it’s actually rather a-peeling…

Has anyone else tried a facial peel? What did you think?

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