Ade’s Diary – April 2016

The biggest news of the month is that Nubian Skin was asked to provide all the underpinnings for the Beyoncé FORMATION tour...of course we said a massive yes!!  So there we are, underneath it all supporting Beyoncé and her gorgeous dancers.  There you have it: Nubian Skin - as worn by Beyonce!

Nubian Skin on Beyoncé

The past two months have been busy in a very work-centric way.  It's been weeks of rolling up sleeves and getting to work.  Nothing captures March and April like the images below.  Lots of picking and packing (and pulling and dragging).  I'm anxiously anticipating the new product we're trying to get out, so there have been lots of visits to factories and trying to refine our operations.  All the while, trying to balance the rest of life.  All in all, I'm feeling very blessed and excited for things to come.

IMG_1672 IMG_1272One of things that I've been incredibly conscious about, and feeling very thankful for, is having an amazing team around me.  It makes all the difference.  We're tiny, but good things come in small packages.  We had a new intern, Brianna join us in March, and she's been a wonderful addition.

As summer approaches there are lots of new exciting things in store.  We're launching in boutiques in Nigeria, we've got pop-up plans, and we're working on new product.  I look forward to sharing them with you :)

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  • Ada

    Please spill more! Especially about your pop-up and moving to Nigeria plans.

    • nskin

      Our pop-up was the weekend just gone, but keep your eyes peeled for news on the next one! And you will be hearing more about Nigeria in the next couple of months :) xx

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