Ade's Diary - October 2015

Ade with the Prime Minister, David Cameron Ade with the Prime Minister, David Cameron

This month will be a tough one to beat.  It's been incredibly stressful, but equally rewarding.  To kick it off, I met the Prime Minister!!  I was invited to a British Black History Month reception at 10 Downing Street, which was very unexpected and very exciting.  I met some wonderful people there.  It's an amazing thing to see so many high achievers from the black community.

At the Great British Entrepreneur Awards Short List Reception At the Great British Entrepreneur Awards Short List Reception

In the same week, I also found out I had been shortlisted for two incredible awards.  The first is for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for Fashion!  And, the second is for the UK Lingerie Awards Hosiery Brand of the Year!!!!  I'm up against very established brands, so for this to happen after our first year of launching, is such an honour.  Now, I just have to figure out what I'm going to wear to the events ;)

This is my REALITY! This is my REALITY!

The reality is, my every day is a lot less glamorous.  In the office, it's been incredibly busy.   We've been moving stock over to the US, to make it cheaper and easier for all of our amazing customers State-side to order.  It's been the cause of a lot of sleepless nights with every logistical nightmare you can think of, but we've done it!!  And I apologise profusely to any of you who have experienced delays with getting your order.  We really appreciate your support!  Thank you for bearing with us as we learn and grow.

Curve Range Packaging Curve Range Packaging

We've also been busy getting ready for the launch of our Curve range of hosiery, which will be available in XL - 3XL.  We're so excited for this to launch (as is my mother), and I'm busy coming up with ideas for the campaign.  The shoot is going to be epic...that's all I can say for now :) :) :)

Ade and Judith from Cosmo Ade and Judith from Cosmo

Above is shot from Hearst Tower in New York. I met the lovely Judith, and editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine. One of the things I'm most grateful for with Nubian Skin is the opportunities it's given me to meet so many amazing and inspiring people.

Well it's on to November soon, and I'm full of gratitude. Next month will be super exciting as we launch our curve range, US website (fingers crossed!) and launch in some exciting new markets. Stay tuned!!

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