Ade's Diary - September 2015

Me and Beverley Knight at the Nubian Skin launch event Me and Beverley Knight at the Nubian Skin launch event

Every month seems to be busier than the last these days.  September was no exception.  It's been an amazing month.  It kicked off with the launch of our hosiery in House of Fraser stores and on ASOS!  We had an amazing launch event at Nails & Brows.  It was fantastic to be amongst so many great women all cheering for the success of the Brand.

I got the chance to go to the House of Fraser stores where we are now stocked (Oxford Street, City, Manchester and Birmingham) to help train the staff and give them a little bit more information about the brand.  Make sure to go check us out in store!!! And drop hints about how much you'd like for them to carry our lingerie ;)

We were fortunate enough to get properly involved with London Fashion Week this Season, and helped provide underpinnings for a couple of brands  and their shows.  The highlight by far was the Ashish show, which was an extravaganza of diversity, sparkles and unbelievable clothing! At one point, I was arm-length from MIA, but I was too shy to say hello :-/

Ashish LFW ShowLast week, I was able to head to Nigeria and had the amazing opportunity to meet the team behind She Leads Africa, and I met so many extraordinary women from Nigeria, Uganda, US, Canada all doing or launching amazing things focussed on Africa.  These women are changing the world.  Look out for Brands like Omoalata, Thandos shoes, Tastemakers Africa, Heat Free Hair, Beauty Rev Nigeria, Heels in the Kitchen and InstaHealth.  It was seriously inspiring being around such great minds.

IMG_5283 She Leads Africa Winners (2014) and Finalists (2015)

I rounded off the month as a speaker at one of Natalie Clue's Keziah Connections events.  As usual, it was loads of fun, and there were so many talented women present.  I ran into the Founder of owner of Nuff Naturals in Tooting Market, and can't wait to get my hands on her natural, organic products.

Overall, it's been a manic month, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be building my dream.  We've got lots of things in store for the next few months, so watch this space!!!! Great announcements pending for our fans in the Middle East and Scandinavia!!!!!

Ade xx

Ashish LFW Show



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