Behind the Scenes: Interview with Africkswag TV

We were approached a few weeks ago  by Africkswag TV  for an interview with our Founder Ade Hassan.  We were so excited to meet the team behind this exciting website aimed at all things African!  Yesterday, Ebun and cameraman Emmanuel arrived bright and early at HQ, ready to talk all things Nubian Skin!

It was great to work with such a young and energetic team and we really appreciated the enthusiasm and knowledge they had about the Brand!  Be sure to check them out:

20150112_122123 Ebun an Ade discussing the Nubian Skin story

20150112_122659(0) Smile!

20150112_124159 Ade in our Cinnamon 10 denier tights!

20150112_124119 20150112_124202

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