• Hidden Figures!

    We were really grateful for the opportunity to go and see Hidden Figures at a private screening organised by the #StrongWomen initiative! What an amazing, empowering film - we strongly recommend you go and see it, if not only to check out our Nubian Skin tights making an appearance...!!
  • Inspirational Women - Black History Month

    We are already in the month of October and here in London, while everyone struts in their autumn attire, we also celebrate a very important month... Black History Month! Black people have made many great contributions to civilization and this month we would like to take a moment to acknowledge these great achievements.
  • Moroccan Nights: An Interview with Laurence Sessou

    We’re very excited to have recently launched our brand new collection: Moroccan Nights. A collection that was inspired by, and made in Africa. The experience of bringing the collection to life was incredibly exciting, and we’d love to share the story behind the shoot and introduce you to our wonderful model, Laurence Sessou, to hear more about her story and the intricate scars on her body… Hello Laurence, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today.
  • Inspirational Women - Black Girl in Om

    Photo Credits: Bradley A. Murray @bradleyamurray We were lucky enough to connect with Black Girl in Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director, Zakkiyyah Najeebah to hear more about the lifestyle brand that’s empowering women of color globally!   NS: What is Black Girl in Om and what does it represent?
  • 4 Instagram pages we're loving right now!

    @BLACKGIRLINOM You know what they say, “Health is Wealth” and Lauren Ash, founder of Black Girl in Om, is certainly very wealthy! Black Girl in Om is an organization that offers a range of services from an online publication, podcast, pop- up yoga, meditation, and holistic wellness sessions.
  • 5 Inspirational Women Killing the Game

    #InternationalWomensDay   Aurora James Aurora James, Creative Director and Founder of Brother Veillies  Instagram:[email protected] Aurora is killing the game right now. Not only is her awesome wardrobe to die for but Aurora James is the Creative Director and Founder of Brother Veillies, a shoe company that introduces traditional and handmade African footwear to the rest of the world.
  • The forgotten army of WWII: West Africa's soldiers in Burma

    Little known history, a great find: The forgotten army of WWII: West Africa's soldiers in Burma...  
  • Woman Crush Wednesday - Beverley Knight #WCW

    Thank you very much for taking some time out of your busy theatre schedule to have a chat with us. And thanks for being Nubian Skin’s first Woman Crush Wednesday! No problem! Aww [laughs] We’re really excited to have you on our blog, you’re really inspirational and we’re so glad you’re a supporter of the brand.
  • 'Africa' at the British Museum

    Last week we decided soak up some culture at lunchtime at the British Museum and joined the free 40 minute eyeOpener Africa gallery tour! The Africa gallery is immediately vibrant and impressive and is in fact the newest gallery at the British Museum.

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