• January Leg Workout with Esther Anu!

    Leg Workout The key to losing fat and looking leaner is intensity. When starting out it is always best to learn how to perform the movement and then as you go along, you can gradually increase the intensity of the exercise.
  • Upper body workout with Esther Anu!

    An effective workout can be carried out from anywhere with the right attitude. Esther takes you through 5 simple exercises which you can perform at home or outdoors. You will mainly be targeting the arms, shoulders and chest while simultaneously strengthening and conditioning your entire body.
  • 5 Cardio HIIT Exercises with Esther Anu

    Esther takes you through 5 simple cardio HIIT exercises from 30-day Countdown to Summer Curves – a feature fitness programme targeted at women of all sizes, to encourage you to celebrate and embrace your beauty through exercise and movement. These 5 exercises combined will: raise your heart rate, allow you to burn more fat, as well as, increase your overall fitness and core strength.
  • Let's get fit with Esther Anu - All about the Abs!

    We're excited to welcome Esther Anu to the blog, a personal trainer based in London, who will be providing us with some of her top exercise tips for the next few months! There’s more to maintaining a flat stomach or ripped abs than doing 200 crunches a week.
  • How to Squeeze Fitness into Your Day: Four Fab Tips

    Keeping fit can sometimes seem a bit of a bore, but 30 minutes of increased heart rate exercise a day can not only improve your body’s health, but also your mental well-being! We totally appreciate that sometimes it can be hard to find the time, so we’ve thought up our top 4 tips on how to fit some extra exercise into your day: 1.

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