Lingerie now available at Bra Tenders - New York!


Nubian Skin have been expanding their retail footprint and are incredibly excited to announce that their lingerie is now available in New York at Bra Tenders.

Nubian Skin aims to empower and inspire women by filling a much-needed niche in the market, and alleviating the struggle women of colour face trying to find natural tone garments. Nubian Skin’s Founder, Ade Hassan notes, “Our customers in New York have been some of our loudest supporters and we’re so excited to be able to provide Nubian Skin locally for them.”

Nubian Skin are very excited about their new relationship with Bra Tenders. This will be a fantastic place for Nubian Skin lingerie to be stocked as Bra Tenders are well known for their gift in being able to fit women exceptionally well. Nubian Skin are excited for ladies to be leaving the store with their perfectly fitting, perfect ‘nude’ bra! Bra Tenders notes, "Bra Tenders is excited to partner with Nubian Skin and redefine what "Nude" means in a world of color."

Bra Tenders will stock a range from Nubian Skin’s Lingerie collection including the Essential T-Shirt and Strapless Convertible Bra.

4 thoughts on “Lingerie now available at Bra Tenders - New York!”

  • Dawn

    I'm just hoping and wondering if your line of bras include (or will include) wirefree styles(?). I find the wire uncomfortable, and I steer clear of purchasing them also because of (lol) the time I was stopped and searched at the airport due to the underwire activating the security alarm! I avoid buying underwire bras. I will sign up for your mailing list, and waiting for the store to open where I live (New York City). I heard your company mentioned on Tyra Banks' FABLife show.

    • nskin

      Hi Dawn! There are a few things in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled in the future for new developments such as wire free bras! You can pick up Nubian Skin lingerie at Bra Tenders in New York if you wanted to check it out! NS xx

  • Patricia Hepburn
    Patricia Hepburn 6th December 2015 at 3:15 am

    Hi, where can I find the Nubian Skin hosiery (stockings/pull ups) in New York City?

    • nskin

      Hi Patricia, please check out our stockists page: You can find our hosiery at x

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