More Sizes Please!!

We listened when you said you wanted more sizes, and we'd like to give them to you.  Please visit and fill out our survey. We'd love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “More Sizes Please!!”

  • Gaelle


    I love this idea and cannot believe that nobody thought of it before you! But I am definitely glad you did as I shared it with all my friends. I would love to buy a couple of items but I have one small issue: I cannot find my bra size. See I am from continental Europe and we do not use the sizes you use in Great Britain. I know I am asking for a lot and you probably have a lot to do but could you please put the sizes in continental european? (I sound as if it was a strange language :-) ) Thank you in advance and best of luck and success in everything

  • Dana Showers

    Need more bra sizes passed 40DDD .

  • Amoi


    Would you guys be able to include band and bust measurements in inches/cm for corresponding bra sizes to ensure accurate ordering? I feel like the letter and number system can vary between brands but including the actual measurements would really help a ton.

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