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  • Nubian Skin Website Photoshoot

    Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography We had the most fantastic photoshoot this week!!!! It was a lot of work and organisation, but it all paid off.  We had a great team, and wonderful models.  
  • Product Inspection - Hong Kong

    We went off to China last week to do the inspection of our stock before it's shipped out to England.  It was quite emotional to see all of our beautiful Nubian Skin bras in gorgeous brown tones.  It's hard to believe the dream of making bras for brown and black women is coming true!
  • Sun Care For Dark Skin

    Many women of colour are incredibly careful with how they treat their skin, however one area we tend to neglect is suncare.  Black women in particular are probably the worst culprits because of the misconception that we don't need it.  Now we're deep in summer holiday season, it's especially important to wear sunscreen as we run around in the sun.
  • Budget Manicure Review - Beautiful Nails Studio

    Fresh Manicure from Beautiful Nails Studio Bless them, they really do try, but this salon is more shabby than chic. I went to the Beautiful Nails Studio in the morning, so I was the only customer there. They were polite enough, and I'd bought my own colour (Rococo Nail Apparel!!), so we got right down to business.
  • Tuesday - ShoesDay: Rupert Sanderson Revel

    Rupert Sanderson Revel Rupert Sanderson can do no wrong, and these gorgeous, gold Revel heels with mirrored platinum detailing are so, so right. To top it off, the staff in the shop are incredibly lovely! Big thank you to manager Rachel (Bruton Place) for indulging us.
  • Nubian Style: Sales Find - Black Patent Clutch by Lulu Guinness

    Black Patent Lulu Guinness Clutch We can't get enough of Lulu Guinness' witty style. This classic clutch with a cheeky twist is just what we need to add some fashionable humour to an outfit. The sale ends soon, so hurry!!!
  • Nubian Reads: The Color Purple

    Post by MM   Our first book review is the Pulitzer prize for fiction winner, Alice Walker's, The Color Purple. An acclaimed novel that has won the National Book Award for Fiction and has been adapted into a play and musical.
  • Tuesday - Shoesday: Ferragamo Pumps

      Salvatore Ferragamo Pumps in Sueded Ayers - Colour: Almond Post by MM! Aren't these absolutely shoe crush worthy? Here at Nubian Skin we are in love with these Almond Salvatore Ferragamo pumps in Sueded Ayers. What we adore even more about this pair of pumps are their transitional quality.
  • Production of Nubian Skin Hosiery Packaging

    Post by MM! A major step in the process of manufacturing any product is the packaging! We're gearing up for launch, so we've just completed a photoshoot for our hosiery packaging :). We held the shoot at HeadShot London , which provided a great working space for our photographer David Cromer and model Soliat from the CEO dancers.
  • Budget Manicure Review: California Nail Bar

    Hey all, It's Mary from Nubian Skin with another Manicure review; but before I get started on what was an interesting experience here are the key stats: Salon: California Nail Bar (Hampstead Branch) 'Kiss me by tulips' California Nail Bar23/07/14 Website: Location: Hampstead Treatment: Manicure Description: File, soak, cuticle work, polish Colour: OPI – Kiss me on tulips Cost: £13 The Nail bar is located not too far from Hampstead station, approximately a 1 minute walk, which is great as it is easy to find and that is always a plus.

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