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  • A Note on Our Bra Sizes

    We've received a lot of questions about what sizes we carry.  We are launching with size 30B up to 36DD/E.  We know this doesn't cover everyone, and we realise a plus size offering is so important, however we had to start somewhere.  
  • The Skin-tones: The Darker the "Berry"...

    Nubian Skin T-Shirt Bra and Brief in "Berry" It's about time you get to know our shades a bit better, so to kick off our four week count down: The first in our profile of Nubian Skin skin-tones is Berry, and you know what they say, "The darker the berry..." Berry is our darkest shade, and is probably best suited for those who use the below foundation shades or darker.
  • The Nubian Skin Journey - The Start

    What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore-- And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over-- like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load.
  • Budget Manicure Review: VY Nails

    Post MM! VY Nails, Manicure 27/08/14   Post by MM Yesterday I went for a manicure at VY nails. VY nails provides a quiet safe haven from the noise of the city. The size of the studio is small and compact, occupying 6 nail stations and an additional room which provides services such as massages and pedicures.
  • Budget Manicure Review – Fortnum & Mason Beauty Rooms

    Red! I'm going to let you in on a little secret: a little luxury at a budget price. If you go to the Fortnum & Mason Beauty Rooms between 12pm and 2pm Monday - Friday, you can get a lunchtime revival.
  • Nubian Skin Website Photoshoot

    Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography We had the most fantastic photoshoot this week!!!! It was a lot of work and organisation, but it all paid off.  We had a great team, and wonderful models.  
  • Product Inspection - Hong Kong

    We went off to China last week to do the inspection of our stock before it's shipped out to England.  It was quite emotional to see all of our beautiful Nubian Skin bras in gorgeous brown tones.  It's hard to believe the dream of making bras for brown and black women is coming true!
  • Sun Care For Dark Skin

    Many women of colour are incredibly careful with how they treat their skin, however one area we tend to neglect is suncare.  Black women in particular are probably the worst culprits because of the misconception that we don't need it.  Now we're deep in summer holiday season, it's especially important to wear sunscreen as we run around in the sun.
  • Budget Manicure Review - Beautiful Nails Studio

    Fresh Manicure from Beautiful Nails Studio Bless them, they really do try, but this salon is more shabby than chic. I went to the Beautiful Nails Studio in the morning, so I was the only customer there. They were polite enough, and I'd bought my own colour (Rococo Nail Apparel!!), so we got right down to business.
  • Tuesday - ShoesDay: Rupert Sanderson Revel

    Rupert Sanderson Revel Rupert Sanderson can do no wrong, and these gorgeous, gold Revel heels with mirrored platinum detailing are so, so right. To top it off, the staff in the shop are incredibly lovely! Big thank you to manager Rachel (Bruton Place) for indulging us.

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