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  • Nubian Skin's Black-owned Christmas Shopping Guide!

    It’s the 1st December, we’ve got our Christmas tree up and we’re feeling pretty festive already (not to mention, cold!) As the big day approaches, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite black-owned businesses that we think would make great gifts this season (p.s.
  • Don't miss our Cyber Monday Sale online!

    Hey ladies! Don't miss our Cyber Monday sale! Get 40% off all skin-tone lingerie until midnight with the code NSCYBERMONDAY! Don't miss this great deal & the chance to get stocked up on your Nubian Skin essentials!
  • This month we LOVE - sparkles!

    This month we love - SPARKLES! Get ready for party season with the Classic Lace set, shop now:
  • Are you ready for our Black Friday Warehouse Sale?

    Get ready for Christmas with our Black Friday Warehouse Sale! Join us at our warehouse in West London, just 10 minutes from Ladbroke Grove tube, to pick up some Nubian Skin gifts for the ladies you love (and for yourself)! Keep up with the latest details on our Facebook event.
  • 5 items to rock your Strapless Convertible bra with!

    Strapless convertible bras are your best friend. They're not only there for you in the summer, they're there for you all year round providing the perfect underpinning to many outfits! They're the friend you call when you need a chat. They're also the friend you call when you're a bit stuck and you're looking for some advice...
  • Upper body workout with Esther Anu!

    An effective workout can be carried out from anywhere with the right attitude. Esther takes you through 5 simple exercises which you can perform at home or outdoors. You will mainly be targeting the arms, shoulders and chest while simultaneously strengthening and conditioning your entire body.
  • #MyNubianSkin

    Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel or Café au Lait. We’re all beautiful in our Nubian Skin! We’ve decided to launch our new #mynubianskin campaign by sending you all these beautiful postcards to take a selfie with and to share on social media for a chance to win some Nubian Skin goodies.
  • Elisabeth Dale Answers Your Boob & Breast Questions!

    Elisabeth Dale is an internationally renowned breast expert and author, and the founder of She encourages women to learn more about their bodies and the changes they make from puberty, to motherhood to menopause. She has also written The Bra Zone, a book all about finding the ideal size, style and support for you!
  • What's my shade?

    Are you... Figuring out your shade can be tricky, so we’ve compiled our top tips on how to find the best shade for your skin-tone. Use our skin-tone matching guide. We’ve created a handy foundation matching guide on our website that helps you to match your skin tone with popular foundation brands.
  • Sample Sale!

    Nubian Skin will be taking part in a sample sale alongside 11 other brands in London this November! Get your hands on some lovely Christmas gifts from lingerie, to luxury sleep wear, to home & lifestyle accessories & more!  There will be some fantastic discounts, so don't miss it!

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