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  • Inspirational Women - Black History Month

    We are already in the month of October and here in London, while everyone struts in their autumn attire, we also celebrate a very important month... Black History Month! Black people have made many great contributions to civilization and this month we would like to take a moment to acknowledge these great achievements.
  • Nubian Skin on NBC!!

    We're so excited to have been featured in a video about Nubian Skin on NBC!!! Make sure you check it out...
  • Ade's Diary - September 2016

    September has been a great month.  I was on holiday for two whole weeks, so that was pretty amazing! I tried to switch off, and managed to up to a degree, so I came back feeling very energised! Once back, I was feeling very motivated, and as Autumn has arrived, it’s been a period of quite a bit of change. 
  • Moroccan Nights: Meet the Creatives behind the shoot

    It’s almost been one month since the launch of our new collection, Moroccan Nights, a limited edition, luxury lingerie and sleep wear collection inspired by and made in Africa! Earlier this month we spoke to the beautiful Miss Laurence Sessou, the face of Moroccan Nights and now we’re very excited to introduce you to some of the creatives behind the shoot.
  • 5 Cardio HIIT Exercises with Esther Anu

    Esther takes you through 5 simple cardio HIIT exercises from 30-day Countdown to Summer Curves – a feature fitness programme targeted at women of all sizes, to encourage you to celebrate and embrace your beauty through exercise and movement. These 5 exercises combined will: raise your heart rate, allow you to burn more fat, as well as, increase your overall fitness and core strength.
  • Nubian Skin arrives in Nigeria!

    Art Direction: @BlueprintAfrica Creative Director: Nana Spio-Garbrah Photography: Robert Jewett Nubian Skin are excited to let you know that their products are available at two lingerie boutiques in Nigeria! You can now find our nude lingerie for women of colour at Sshhh Lingerie Boutique in Lekki and LuLu Lingerie in Abuja.
  • Keratin Treatments: What are they and are they safe?

    Many women with naturally curly hair prefer to wear their straight, which for some may improve manageability and cut down on styling times. Whatever the reasoning behind desiring straight hair, there is now an alternative to chemical relaxers when it comes to straightening the hair.
  • Moroccan Nights: An Interview with Laurence Sessou

    We’re very excited to have recently launched our brand new collection: Moroccan Nights. A collection that was inspired by, and made in Africa. The experience of bringing the collection to life was incredibly exciting, and we’d love to share the story behind the shoot and introduce you to our wonderful model, Laurence Sessou, to hear more about her story and the intricate scars on her body… Hello Laurence, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today.
  • Ade's Diary - August 2016

    Where has the summer gone? I spend all year waiting for summer to arrive, and then in no time it’s past.  It’s hard to believe August has come and gone.  This summer has been a busy and amazing one, and August has been full of exciting things here at Nubian Skin. 
  • Nubian Skin presents: Moroccan Nights

    Nubian Skin is excited to announce the arrival of their brand new venture, The Africa Collection. To debut, we present “Moroccan Nights”, a limited edition, luxury lingerie and sleep wear collection inspired by and made in Africa.   Inspired by the midnight sky and shadows of a balmy Moroccan night, Nubian Skin’s Moroccan Night collection conjures up the warmth and sensuality of Marrakesh asleep.

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