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  • Ade’s Diary – April 2016

    The biggest news of the month is that Nubian Skin was asked to provide all the underpinnings for the Beyoncé FORMATION tour...of course we said a massive yes!!  So there we are, underneath it all supporting Beyoncé and her gorgeous dancers.  
  • Don't forget to CoppaFeel!

    Hello ladies! Did you know that every 74 seconds there is a woman somewhere in the world that dies from breast cancer? Did you also know that it can happen to any woman at any age? That’s why Nubian Skin have teamed up with CoppaFeel to raise awareness about ways to detect breast cancer in its early stages while it’s treatable!
  • How to Prep Your Skin for A Big Event

        We get top tips from Dr. Crystal Aguh on getting your skin ready for those big springtime events! Spring has arrived and with it a full social calendar. This is the season of weddings,  graduations and other major celebrations and you will want your skin looking its best.
  • All things Café au Lait!

      Hello Café Au Lait Ladies! Here’s a little something for Thursday! We hope you enjoy our round up of Café au Lait beauty, food, hair care & more! Exfoliating Coffee Face Scrub Exfoliating the skin 2- 3 times a week (at most) is an essential step in achieving smooth and radiant skin.
  • All things Caramel!

    This post is dedicated to the sweet, golden goodness that is Caramel. Enjoy our hand selected edit of caramel recipes, beauty tutorials, style inspirations & more to get you ready for the week ahead! We’re loving this caramel coloured Nail Polish By OPI called Going my way or Norway!
  • All things Cinnamon!

    A little bit sweet a little bit spicy! Here are our top finds in Cinnamon beauty, food, women & fashion! Cinnamon Hair Growth Mask                                                        Cinnamon is a natural hair stimulator due the nutrients it contains, including vitamin A, B2 & C!
  • All things Berry!

    Hello Berry Ladies! Today this post is all about…BERRY! From tips on how to keep your radiant berry skin flawless to other berry nudes in fashion, this post is all about you!  Berry-Yogurt Face Mask Use this DIY Face mask to keep your lovely Berry Skin Radiant!
  • Nubian Skin Themed Baked Goods

    Hello Nubian Ladies! The weekend is almost here and we have some sweet treats especially for you! Take a look at some recipes that we've hand selected for you to try this weekend! It’s important to treat yourself after a long week of hard work!
  • Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel & Café au Lait Popsicles!

    Ice Cream is wonderful – who doesn’t love it? The only downside is that homemade Ice Cream takes time, effort and patience. Popsicles on the other hand are the answer for those who want a tasty homemade treat without the labour that’s needed to make ice cream.
  • Our Essential List for Spring!

    As we begin to transition from winter into a more pleasant climate, we thought that now would be the perfect time to share our list of essentials for spring! The Nubian Skin Essential T-Shirt Bra £29 What better time to start introducing your Tees than spring?

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