Product Inspection - Hong Kong

We went off to China last week to do the inspection of our stock before it's shipped out to England.  It was quite emotional to see all of our beautiful Nubian Skin bras in gorgeous brown tones.  It's hard to believe the dream of making bras for brown and black women is coming true!

Diligent Inspection Diligent Inspection

We decided to do the stock check in person as opposed to hiring an agency, as I really needed to make sure the product was perfect.  I wasn't disappointed.  The quality is fantastic! I've never seen so many bras in my life, and the stock check took ages, but it was all worth it.  I'm very proud of the product, and I can't wait for everyone to be able to buy it.

So many brown bras! So many brown bras!

The other great thing about doing the stock check in person, was that we got to see the factory.  We knew it was a factory with a good reputation when we decided to work with them, but it was great to see that it was really spacious and airy, and the workers were well looked after.  We're one step closer to launch! xx


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