#TravelTuesday - Colombia

Today we wish we were in Colombia! Not just for the impressive colonial towns like Cartagena and the irresistible beaches at national parks such as Tayrona, but for the beautifully skilled artisan products that are made by the indigenous people there.


Famous for their quality, patterns and colours the Wayuu and Arhuaca indigenous people from the Las Guajira desert of Colombia weave and embroider bags and jewellery. New brand Castellano Ethnic Origins, created by Colombian entrepreneur Daniela Castellano, seeks to share the story of these indigenous people whilst creating a luxury fashion start-up that works both as an ethical brand and a social enterprise.

Castellano Bracelets

We’re seriously impressed because the brand is helping to empower traditionally exploited women and their local communities by providing them with a sustainable living wage, a supplementary form of income to their agricultural work. Castellano Ethnic Origins also helps to preserve the traditional artisan skills in Colombia by combining high quality materials with Fair Trade working practices – preserving their cultural heritage.

Castellano 2

It’s great to see a luxury fashion product with such great intentions and goals, and that truly aims to preserve an art. The products are of exceptional quality and Daniela, with her true passion for the tribe’s craftsmanship and the spirituality it holds, dreams of sharing the story of these indigenous people and their crafts with the world.

Please visit www.castellanoethnicorigins.com to find out more about the brand.

Castellano Bags

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