Yoga-na love this!

One thing we are all guilty of – is failing to take enough time out for ourselves. Busy lifestyles and demanding routines mean that we often forget to remember how important our entire well-being is, and how imperative a little ‘me-time’ can be. We don’t always see the effects of this, but when we take the time to address the issue (as we will in a moment) you will notice how just a little mindfulness can have such a positive effect on your daily life. Eating healthily and exercising are only parts of a huge puzzle of well-being – that’s why this week we have chosen to focus on an exercise that helps both your body and your mind: YOGA!

One of Ade’s favourite moves in yoga this week is the ‘Sun Salute’. Doing even five sun salutes in the morning can change your outlook on the day. We love the positive vibes!

Check out Shona Vertue’s ‘Sun Salute Variations’ for the perfect feel good yoga moves - yoga-na love it!


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