Ade's Diary: May 2023

Ade's Diary: June 2023

The past few months have felt like anticipation.  Waiting for something to happen, which to be fair is exactly how I feel about Spring, just waiting for summer.  Now summer has arrived, everything feels right.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to the Nubian Skin community one on one recently, and it filled me with such joy speaking to women who have known the brand for a long time and to hear first hand about the impact Nubian Skin has had on their lives and how it helps them embrace and celebrate their blackness.  It’s something that warms my heart and I see of as part of my legacy.

Nars Event

One of the other incredibly exciting things that happened over the past few months is that our breast cancer softies are now available.  It’s so wonderful, and I’m so happy of the work that went into it, and that Natalie Johnson reached out to me to help create them.  I received a message from an amazing woman who described her experience finally having a softie in her tone and the impact that had on her recovery process, and honestly moments like that make everything worth it. 

 Nubian Skin Softies

As summer comes into full swing, I’m busy working on some big business moves.  The whole team is working really hard on building the business better, so the summer will be very busy for us.  That being said, rest and play is important too, so I’m looking forward to picnics in the parks, time away with family and soaking up the summer sun.


Ade x

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