Sizing & Bras

I’ve heard that your bras run a little small, is this true?
Not in our new Naked Collection, they are more true to size.

Should I wear a bra whilst measuring myself?
You should wear a bra without any significant padding or push-up as this will affect the accuracy of your measurements.

Do your bras have push-up or padding?
Only the Classic Lace Bra Has push-up. The Naked Collection bras don't.

Do I need to order a bigger cup size if I’m ordering a push-up bra?
No, you should order the size you would usually wear.

Do you have any bras without underwire?
The bandeau bra doesn't have any underwire.

Are your panties cotton?
Our panties are 85% nylon and 15% Elastane & all have a cotton gusset.



How do I know which tone would suit me best?
We have a super-handy foundation matching guide.

I think I’m in between two tones – which one should I go for?
If you’re in between tones, we would recommend choosing the darker shade.


Bra Care

How often should I wash my bra?
Less often than you think! You should wash it every 2 – 3 wears.

Is it OK to put my bra in the washing machine?
We wouldn’t recommend it, but if you must then use a lingerie bag and a gentle cycle on a low temperature.

How do I know when to replace my bra?
If there are tell-tale signs such as underwire poking out, the band is no longer snug, or if there’s visible damage to the bra then you should think about replacing it. But on average you should replace it every 6 – 9 months (or every 130 wears).



What denier are your tights?
Our matt tights and hold-ups are 10 denier, our glossy tights are 13 denier and the curve range hosiery is 15 denier.

How long do the tights last?
They can last up to 6 months with good care.

Why are my hold-ups falling down?
Moisturizer! Don’t moisturize the area of your thigh where the silicon grips your skin as it will struggle to grip and slip off!



When will your shoes be back in stock?
They are a limited edition collection, so we only have what is currently available online.