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Welcome to Nubian Skin

I completely understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t find products in your own nude – that’s why I decided to create Nubian Skin. Thank you for coming to check us out and supporting our brand – I hope you find your perfect item! If you don’t, please don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions, we’re always working on something new!

Ade X

Nubian Skin Blog | Embracing Your Nude

Black Skin - A Celebration
Black Skin - A Celebration

Ade Hassan - Thu, Jun 23, 22

We haven't had an Ade's Diary in so long! Our founder, Ade Hassan talks a little bit about blackness, positivity and celebrating it daily. Nubian Skin champions and celebrates blackness in a major way that other brands within the lingerie industry ignored for so long! One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will be able to expand our colour range and cater to even more tones that represent the full spectrum of skin tones. 


Olivia Howes - Tue, May 24, 22

There is no other person best to describe the technical sides of our new High Summer Collection, JAIYE than our beloved Senior Product Developer, Olivia. For our Lingerie Lovers, read our post to find out more about our new collection starring the Basque & Bra.

Jaiye’s launch marks exactly 1 year since it was first designed. Designing collections, picking fabric, developing shapes, perfecting fit and lift is not always a smooth ride, and quality can never be fast-tracked.

Getting to the point of launch is the most rewarding feeling for any designer or product developer, and I wanted to chat about our Jaiye collection from a technical point of view, and how we got to what we have launched.

Mental Health Awareness Month
Mental Health Awareness Month

Olivia Howes - Wed, May 18, 22

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month. in a world where people look towards social media for validation/ affirmation and etc despite the online sphere seeming a bigger place than life really is, one can feel so alone or stuck in communicating emotions in isolation. Talking about Mental Health is still a taboo in many cultures and society's and we are here to celebrate via our platform such conversations.

Rafat: Behind the Name
Rafat: Behind the Name

Ade Hassan - Tue, May 03, 22

I was so excited to host our first event post-Covid and welcomed friends and brand supporters to the launch of...