World Cancer Awareness Day 2024

World Cancer Awareness Day 2024

On this World Cancer Awareness Day, Nubian Skin is proud to reflect on a groundbreaking initiative that not only addressed a significant gap in breast cancer care but also contributed to raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by women of color with a breast cancer diagnosis. Our commitment to inclusivity and support for those affected by breast cancer led to a transformative partnership with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, resulting in the creation of the UK's first Softie Breast Forms catering specifically to women of color, in October 2022.

Ade Hassan BBC Interview

Breast cancer awareness remains a critical issue, especially in Black and Asian communities where diagnoses often occur at more advanced stages. In our mission to enhance post-operative care for women of color, Nubian Skin, renowned for its expertise in diverse skin-tone lingerie, collaborated with The Royal Marsden to develop softies in our four signature colors. Recognizing the impact of prostheses in appropriate skin tones, we aim to empower women through their recovery journey.

The gensis of this project came from Natalie Johnson, a Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon, and Sarah Adomah, Lead Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist, both at The Royal Marsden. Having identified the need for softies in diverse skin tones, they approached Nubian Skin for our unique expertise. The project, funded by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, became a testament to the power of collaboration in advancing patient-centered care.

Natalie Johnson & Sarah Adomah

Our founder, Ade Hassan, MBE, emphasized the personal connection to breast cancer within her own family. The desire to contribute to the recovery of women dealing with a life-changing diagnosis fuelled the commitment to the project. Ade expressed, "It has been an honor for Nubian Skin to work with The Royal Marsden to create these softies, and to help in a small way in the recovery of the women who are dealing with an often life-changing diagnosis."

Chrissie's Corner

As we commemorate World Cancer Awareness Day, Nubian Skin encourages everyone to reflect on the impact of cancer and the importance of early detection and inclusive care. Our softies, a true representation of patient-centered care, symbolize hope, comfort, and resilience in the face of adversity.

In alignment with our commitment to accessibility, Nubian Skin Softies are available for purchase online. This allows individuals worldwide to access these inclusive softies, ensuring that women everywhere can benefit from the right support during their recovery journey.

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