Black History Month - Book Recommendations

Black History Month - Book Recommendations
We're well into the swing of Black History Month, so I thought it would be nice to share some books by Black British authors about the Black British experience. My most recent read was the Lonely Londoners.  Set during the windrush period, it's a snapshot of different stories of men of mainly Caribbean but also African descent in a cold, unfriendly London.  The author Sam Selvon, was born in Trinidad and then moved to London in the 50s.  His use of language in the book adds a depth to the characters.
Book Cover of Lonely Londoners Featuring a Young Black Man
Next up, is a well-loved classic.  Small Island by Andrea Levy.  The book follows the lives of four characters and centres mainly on the move of Jamaican immigrants to the UK and a white couple with whom their lives interact.  The story delves into the lives of the new black brits as they adjust their expectations to reality as well as interracial interactions.  It's a moving book, and I highly recommend it. 
Finally, I love the book Afropean by Johny Pitts.  It tackles the experience of the diaspora througout Europe, but begins in the United Kingdom.  It's a great lens in which to view the "Afro-European" experience.  I love that it focuses on secondary cities and not just the major cities we're used to.  
I hope you feel inspired to check out one of these books.  And if you feel like letting me know how you found it, drop us an email.
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