Black Skin - A Celebration

Black Skin - A Celebration

I’ve always loved my skin.  The colour, the texture, the feel of warmth on it.  I love the glow it takes on after I’ve been in the sun, I love the glisten of it after a shower.  I love my skin.  It’s part of who I am and my identity.  I love the different hues of the members of my family as it tells the story of who we are and our heritage. 

I love that whenever I’m in Nigeria I see all shades of skin, from the deep deep ebonies, to the milky skin of people with albinism, which creates the gorgeous juxtaposition of the palest skin and tightly coiled blonde hair. The breadth of diversity in the colour of black people is beautiful. 



Being proud of my skin and loving it, is the main reason I started Nubian Skin.  I wanted to see my nude.  I didn’t want beige or black.  I wanted lingerie and hosiery that reflected and was a celebration of the skin which I think is so beautiful, and I wanted other people to have that same joy.  I believed darker skin deserved to be celebrated and catered to in the same way lighter skin was. 

One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will be able to expand our colour range and cater to even more tones that represent the full spectrum of skin tones.  For now, I am so proud of what Nubian Skin has accomplished to date and that we help women with darker skin tones feel seen every day – because Black (whatever the shade) really is beautiful.

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