Melanin Magic Through Time

Melanin Magic Through Time

Throughout human history, beauty standards have evolved, weaving through cultures and traditions.  Meanwhile, among this diversity, one thread remains constant: the celebration of melanated skin tones.  From ancient civilizations to contemporary beauty trends, the journey of melanin magic is one of resilience, pride, and empowerment.

Ancient Civilizations

In ancient Egypt, the epitome of elegance was embodied by the likes of Cleopatra, whose dark-rimmed eyes and bold, red lips showed status and allure.  Across the Nile, in Nubia, civilians used earthy pigments to accentuate features with hues that honored their sun-kissed complexion.

Cleopatra - Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC

Medieval Marvels

In medieval Europe, queens and noblewomen adorned themselves with cosmetics crafted from natural ingredients.  From crushed berries to ground minerals, these cosmetics highlighted the natural radiance of melaninated skin, bringing a sense of regal splendor around the castles and courts.

Harlem Renaissance

Amidst the cultural renaissance of the 1920s, Harlem emerged as a beacon of black creativity.  Jazz clubs and bars became hot spots of style and self-expression, where icons like Josephine Baker and Langston Hughes celebrated the beauty of melanin through art, music, and fashion.  From sleek finger waves to bold, red lips, Harlem's streets were a runway of Black excellence and pride.

Josephine Baker - American-born French dancer, singer and actress

Civil Rights Era

The struggle for civil rights in the mid-20th century actioned a new wave of beauty activism, challenging mainstream perceptions of beauty and identity.  Famous faces like Nina Simone and Angela Davis embraced their natural hair and features, celebrating a vision of beauty rooted in authenticity and self-love.  Their dignity and determination began a culture change that still resonates to today.

Nina Simone - American singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, arranger and civil rights activist


Today social media has become a platform for celebrating melanin magic in all forms.  From #BlackGirlMagic to #MelaninBlessed, hashtags and trends heighten diverse voices and narratives, reshaping beauty standards and harboring inclusivity.  Make-up artists, influencers, and worldwide brands embrace the spectrum of melanin, creating products and campaigns that reflect the beauty and diversity of the global community.  At Nubian Skin, we are just a small part of that, but paving the way for other brands and beginning a wave of cultural change within the fashion industry has been Ade's biggest achievement.

Nubian Skin - First brand on the market to sell lingerie in melanated skin tones

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