November Round-Up - Ade's Diary

November Round-Up - Ade's Diary

Two big C's dominated my November. Children and Content. I guess a lot of people were feeling very romantic around Valentine's Day because I've been to more children's birthday parties this month than I have the whole year combined It is super cute to see toddlers raving.

Ade at Photoshoot

In preparation for Christmas and new product launches, we had a Nubian Skin shoot and have been creating lots of content! It was so amazing to reunite with Cass, our photographer, Mel, our MUA and models Kae and Erianne. We also had some new faces join the creative team, and it was so much fun!

Nubian Skin Shoot

In really big news, our US warehouse is now operational which means domestic shipping and returns for US customers! November was a busy month with lots of sowing, so here's to reaping the results in the coming months! All the stress and excitement had caught up with me, and I write this as I'm curled up on a couch feeling very ill. I'm super excited for December though. We will be releasing some amazing loungewear, and our 20 denier tights are back in stock.

New In

I came across a post on Instagram where Chadwick Boseman talks about knowing or finding your purpose. Recently we posted some content showcasing the beautiful body of one of our models. Your reactions seeing such a gorgeous, natural body reminded me of what my purpose is. Showing people that their bodies are beautiful and deserved to be loved and celebrated. I love it here. Thank you for being part of the journey.

Ade x

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