Nubian Skin | Black History Month & Sara Forbes Bonetta

Nubian Skin | Black History Month & Sara Forbes Bonetta

Born Omoba Aina in 1843, Sara Forbes Bonetta was born in Oke Odan, what we know now to be Yewa South in Ogun State, Nigeria!

At a very young age, she became orphaned during the war. As the daughter of an African chief, Aina was in captivity. Captain Forbes, onboard the Bonetta, arrived in Dahomey (now known as Benin, Nigeria) on a mission to negotiate the suppression of the slave trade. Whilst there, Forbes asked the King for the little girl as a 'present. Later, Aina arrived in England, given the names of Sara Forbes Bonetta, the combination of the Captain and the ship he governed. Initially, she stayed with the Forbes family, then presented to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria recognised Sara as a princess, though orphaned because of war. She remained close with Sara and paid for her education, as well as, interest in music.

She married in 1862 and later had a daughter, Victoria, to whom the Queen acted as godmother. Sara Forbes later married Captain James Pinson Labulo Davies – a wealthy businessman and a Yoruba and had three children. Spending the majority of her married life in Sierra Leone before finally settling on the Portuguese island of Madeira until the age of only 37, dying of tuberculosis.

If we brought 1843-1880 to modern-day 2000-2021, I believe Sara would be in the position of international relations on behalf of the U.K. - Western part of Africa, particularly in Nigeria and neighbouring countries. She would heighten the interest in music and other forms of entertainment and speak upon the utopia of the British commonwealth.


She'd travel a lot, most definitely be familiar with Nubian Skin's Naked Collection undergarments. In particular, our Full Slip, Naked Bra and possible Classic Briefs. I'd see our Camisole being a daily 'go-to' as she'd mix British styles with traditional lace that may show cutouts to complete a clean, classic ensemble. When in warmer climates she'd swap to our Cottton Collection items to our Cotton Collection Wireless bra and 3-pack of briefs.

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