Nubian Skin | Black History Month UK & Nicole Adams OBE

Nubian Skin | Black History Month UK & Nicole Adams OBE

When I think of inspirational people from the Black British community, Nicola Adams is one of them. As a female ex-athlete and member of the LGBTQ+ community, she is just an all-around inspiration, to me.

Though I am the Sales Operations Manager of Nubian Skin, I have always been a part of sports since as an athlete in my youth. When I observe the discipline of becoming a professional, it's challenging yet so rewarding. I believe a medalist of any competition represents the overcoming of not just the mind and body, but also transforming the impossible into reality. I respect all athletes, yet for Nicole, I appreciate how she uses the spotlight to highlight so many of the obstacles that she has experience as well as overcame and petitioned to challenge and alter.

Nicola Adams is an inspiration for me. Her determination and extremely hard work broke barriers in a sport dominated by men. She became the first female boxer to become an Olympic champion after winning gold in London 2012; and the first double Olympic champion following a second gold medal at Rio 2016 both in the flyweight division, she held the WBO female flyweight title during 2019.

She is not only an outstanding athlete who won the gold medal at the Olympics but also an LGBT rights advocate. She continuously uses her platform to spread awareness around inclusion in such a black and white space for athletes who may feel overlooked/ unsafe. Nicolas' hard work and commitment made her the most influential LGBT person in 2012 by The Independent and recognized by the Power list as the most influential African/African Caribbean descent in the UK.

I am sure that Nicola has inspired many young women to follow their dreams in sports and gave straightness to young LGBTQ+ people who need strong examples to keep going with pride.

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