Nubian Skin with Alesha Dixon

By Olivia-Zara Burgher published on

We are super excited for our founder, Ade, to speak with the founder of NobleBlu, Singer-Songwriter, Author, BGT Judge Alesha Dixon tomorrow as part of our Nubian Beings live on Instagram.
The themes for tomorrow's Instagram live are all about health and wellness, and Alesha has kindly shared with us her top 5 tips on how she looks after her mind and body and how you can do the same with NobleBlu products too!

1. Finding time for Mindfulness - Take a moment every day to be conscious of your own thoughts, feelings and the world around you. My top tips here are: 


2. Keeping to an exercise routine - This has always been my go-to way of keeping positive and feeling energised - making me feel good both physically and mentally. It’s good for the mind and body! 

Over lockdown, I kept to a routine of working out 4 to 5 days a week from home. I really notice when I can’t find the time to do this, especially as life has gone back to "normal", it’s harder to always fit this in. I find the best way to keep the routine is to train in the morning before all the other tasks of the day get going and I make a conscious effort to make sure this time is booked in the diary with my trainer, Janet Malinowska.

3. Eating healthily - Again, this has a dual benefit to both the mind and the body. I really try not to eat too much-processed food and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. I love to have a daily smoothie and make sure I’m getting the right amount of protein and nutrition after I work out.

I ensure I take my daily dose of Nobleblu supplements. Particularly at the moment, I’m finding that my Nobleblu Focus and Balance supplements are giving me that extra edge that I need to keep me going and feeling level.


4. A good night’s sleep - As a Mum to a toddler, this is a rare event in our house! We all feel the impact of not getting enough sleep. I try to unwind in the evening and stop looking at emails before bed, but it isn’t easy and it’s one of my constant challenges when I’m trying to catch up on all the emails and messages from the day. I’ll often try to switch off by having a relaxing bath or having a facial, lighting a candle or using a pillow spray.


5. Be kind to yourself - I think it’s important to be kind to yourself. My mantra and now NobleBlu’s mantra is ‘Balance of Life’ - for me life is all about balance. It’s important to be kind to yourself, find time to have fun and not be too strict with your routine - whether that’s what you eat or drink or your exercise routine. Find balance in what you do with the flexibility to stray off your regular routine. Try to mix things up a bit so life doesn’t feel so mundane and remember there’s nothing selfish about making time for yourself. 

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