Thessaloniki Travel Guide

Thessaloniki Travel Guide

I recently visited Thessaloniki in Greece, it was a beautiful family holiday, and so I put together a guide for anyone who is interested in seeing the beautiful city of Thessaloniki:



ON Residence - Brilliant location, lovely staff, great rooftop bar and home to Olympus Naoussa restaurant.  We're dreaming of one of their rooms with a balcony overlooking the sea.

Ade in Greece


So much Baklava!!  And when we're sick of desserts, we'd stop by 7 Seas / Thalasses for some delicious sea food in a slick, upscale environment. And if we were focused on filling our bellies, the very yummy appetisers at Mamanouka would do, plus they have complimentary dessert!  And for the local delicacy Bougatsa, there's no other choice but Bougatsa Bantis! 

 greek desserts



Thessaloniki is on the water but it's a port city.  If you're in the mood for the beach, make a trip to Sithonia and try Kalogria Beach - shallow and clear and brilliant for kids.  It has a good set up with beach clubs and facilities. 

Ade on the beach

There is so much culture and history in Thessaloniki especially as it pertains to the Byzantine Empire, so roam the city and make sure to hit these spots:

Aristotelous Square - gorgeous square lined with cafes and restaurants. Beautiful view to the sea and up to the city. Gorgeous atmosphere. Great to have a scenic meal or drink. 

The Broadwalk - lovely for a stroll overlooking the sea

Museum of Byzantine Culture

The Rotonda 

Thessaloniki Archeological Museum 

White Tower 

Ano Poli

Trigonio Tower

Vlatadon Monastery 

Church of Osios David

Byzantine Baths



Agora Kapani - traditional outdoor market, lots of stalls selling olives, spices, sweets, household goods as well as meat, fish, veg and flowers 

Agora Modiano - Modern covered arcade style market. More upscale with cafes, bars, restaurants and little shops selling interesting gifts to take home. Good spot to get some nice Greek foodie gifts 

 Greek Markets

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