What Colors To Wear With Nubian Skin Shades

What Colors To Wear With Nubian Skin Shades

Wearing the right colors can make you look and feel your best. But with so many colors to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to styling. 

Of course it's easy to say, that if you have warmer undertones (yellow, orange, olive) in your skin, you will suit warmer colors, and if you have cooler undertones (red, pink), you will suit cooler colors. But how do you know what undertones you have? The easiest way to find out, is to check what color your veins are. If they look more green, then your skin tone is likely warmer, and if they look more blue, then it's likely you have a cooler undertone. However you can also find out if you know how well you tan. If you burn easily, you likely have a cooler skin tone, and if you tan quite easily, then you'd probably have a warmer tone.

Nubian Skin has 4 skin tones that we sell our products in, Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel and Café au Lait. We have put together a guide to help you choose the right colors for your skin tone!

Café au Lait

Café au Lait is our lightest shade and we recommend wearing pale greens, denim blues and lilacs if you have a cooler undertone of Café au Lait, and corals, deeper browns and olives if you have a warmer Café undertone.


Caramel is our second lightest shade and wearing cooler navy's, aubergine mauve's or cool mint, if you have a cooler Caramel undertone always looks fabulous, and terracotta, fuchsia or whites, if you have a warmer undertone of Caramel, is a beautiful pairing.


Cinnamon is our second to darkest shade, and if you have a cooler Cinnamon tone, you would look great in dusky pinks, cool reds and retro turquoises. Wear golds, blackcurrant purples and warmer pinks if you have a warmer Cinnamon undertone.


Berry is our darkest shade, and looks gorgeous with electric blue, cooler browns or lavender, if you have a cooler undertone. Sunshine yellows, bright reds and warmer blue look striking if you have a warmer Berry undertone.

Of course, this is just a guide, but we know how important it is to some people to make their skin color pop, and we know that these colors do just that!

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