Bust Measurement

To get your bust measurement, make sure you are wearing a comfortable bra with no padding. measure horizontally around the fullest part of your bust, making sure not to pull it so tight that it digs into your skin, but not so loose that it falls down. Make a note of this measurement.

Underband Measurement

To get your underband measurement, measure horizontally around your ribcage, where the underband of your bra usually sits. Again making sure not to pull it so tight that it digs into your skin, but not so loose that it falls down. Make a note of this measurement.


The band of your bra should fit comfortably around your body in a horizontal line. We recommend fastening the bra on either the loosest or middle set of hooks. Bands loosen with time and wear, so you may want to adjust your hook and eye towards the tightest set of hooks over your bra’s lifetime. If the band of your bra is riding up at the back, this usually indicates that the band is too large, so you may want to try a smaller band size (i.e., 32, 34, 36).

If the cup is fitting well however, you will need to go up one cup size whilst going down one band size - for example, if your 34C is too loose in the underband but perfect in the cup, try a 32D instead. If you find the band is feeling too tight, try going up a band size, and down a cup size if the cup still fits well - for example, a 32D would then go up to the 34C.

You can always purchase one of our Bra Extenders, which will extend the back size of your bra, one size per extender. If you are buying a bra extender to extend the size of the bra's underband, you will need to buy 1 cup size down. E.g. If you are a 42E, (a back size we don't currently stock) you will need to purchase a 40F, and then the extender will make the bra into a size 42E; this is because of sister sizing. Visit our All Size Guides page to find your sister size.

The Straps

If you find your straps are digging in to your shoulders, please check your band fits properly, as this may mean the band is too loose, forcing the straps to take on too much pressure to support your breasts. If this is not the case, try adjusting the back of your straps for a more comfortable fit.

The Underwire

Underwire should lie flat against your chest at the centre front, and contain all of your breast tissue within them at the side. If you find the wires are digging in to the side of your breasts, not lying against your ribcage, see if a larger cup size will work better for you.

The Cup

The cup should fully contain your breast tissue. There should be no spilling over the top, or loose fabric. If your cup is too loose or appears to gape, try a smaller cup size. If you find the cup is spilled over at the top, try a larger cup size.