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Nubian Skin, in partnership with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Natalie Johnson, Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon and Sarah Adomah, Lead Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust Breast Cancer Team, created the UK’s
first softies in a variety of skin tones following funding from The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Our Nude Breast Softies are lightweight primary care forms with fibrefill, designed to offer a balanced figure during the post-surgery period or during radiotherapy. They are designed to create a natural look for the wearer, post surgery, during the healing process (6-8 weeks). They can also be used long term, if this is the most comfortable prosthesis option for the wearer.

The breast softie can be worn in the pocket of primary care bras, mastectomy bras or can sit inside an ordinary bra cup if needed. The volume of the cup can be altered by adjusting the fibrefill amount through the opening at the back of the breast softie cover.


The correct size of breast softie is based on the wearers bra size.

To achieve your exact cup size, you can amend the amount of fibrefill in the breast softie cover.

Use the table below to find out your softie size -


Remove filling prior to laundering. Wash with like colours. Air dry. The fibrefill can be hand washed and air-dried if needed. Insert the fibrefill back into the breast softie cover, once both are completely dry.

Store the breast softie cover with fibrefill in a dry place and on its own, to prevent deforming the breast softie from its original shape.

Keep the breast softie cover out of direct sunlight to protect its custom colour dye within the fabric.

Front Cover: 100% Organic Cotton

Lining: 100% Hypoallergenic Polyester Fiberfill

Back Cover: 96% Organic Cotton, 4% Elastane

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lena W. (England, United Kingdom)
Light as a feather

I bought it for my mum who lives in Barbados (it will be delivered to her today) so I can't really say anything about the comfort. I can say it was a light as a feather and seemed very well made.xx

Omobola F.
Soft but can be improved

I bought the form for my daughter who has had a mastectomy and I love how soft and comfy it feels. However, I think it will look more classy if the stuffing is put in an enclosure. It won’t be nice to have the fiber filling flying about when she has to unstuff it for a wash.

You may consider this for future production. Thank you.

Hi Omobola,

Thank you so much for your review! We appreciate your feedback.

The reason that the fibrefill is loose, is so that you can adjust the amount of it in the softie, depending on when your breast size may change throughout the month, or if you lose/gain weight. Each softie size covers 2 cup sizes, so it allows for that customisation, so each customer can have a unique experience, and fit the softie to their exact breast size.

Thank you again,
We hope you have a lovely day!

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