5 Signs You Need A New Bra

By Ade Hassan published on

How to tell a bra is worn out? 

We've all heard people say you should replace your bra every year or every six months, but what is actually true?  Honestly, it all depends on how much you wear a bra and what you use it for.  Some bras you can keep for years, and some may need replacing much sooner.  It's best to focus on if your bra still fits, if it is supporting you and whether it feels comfortable.  5 signs you need a new bra below:

1. The band is too loose.

Nubian Skin. 5 Signs you need a new bra. Band is too loose.

If you're on the tightest hook and there's still too much give, it's time to say goodbye - you need a new bra. The band should be snug enough to support the weight of your breasts.

2. The cups no longer fit. 

Nubian Skin. 5 Signs You need a New Bra. Cups don't fit.

If your breasts are spilling out or the cup is digging in to your breast tissue, the cup is too small. Alternatively, if there's too much empty space in the cup, your bra cups are too big. If this is you, it's time to replace your bra.

3. The straps are stretched out. 

Nubian Skin. 5 Signs you need a new bra.

If the straps are too elastic and stretch like bubble gum, it's time for the bra to go. When your straps keep slipping of your shoulders and tightening them isn't helping, it's passed the point of no return - time for a new bra!

4. The underwire is painful and / or poking out. 

Nubian Skin. 5 Signs you need a new bra. Underwire is poking out.

Any signs of underwire poking out is a no-no. If the underwire is irritating you or painful, it's time to replace your bra

5. The fabric is damaged. 

Nubian Skin. 5 Signs You Need A New Bra. The Fabric Is Damaged.

Faded fabric, frayed edges, loose elastic - they're all signs your bra is worn out.

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Bonus Point: The bra is uncomfortable - It's time to get a professional bra fitting or measure yourself at home using our guide.