Ade’s Diary – June 2024

Ade’s Diary – June 2024

I started off the month with a 24 hour trip to Nigeria.  I had so much going on in London, that I couldn’t stay longer, but it was my eldest uncle’s celebration of life, and I couldn’t imagine not paying my respects.  It was in our home town of Ijebu, and it was a beautiful and fitting tribute to his life.  It was wonderful to see so much family and reminisce.

One of my highlights of the month was an evening at Daunt books listening to Zeinab Badawi in conversation with Dipo Faloyin as they discussed her book, “An African History of Africa”.  The conversation was insightful, and I am really enjoying reading the book and learning about African history from outside a colonial / post-colonial lens.  African history from actual African historians and scholars. 


My weekends have been full of children, cakes and cars.  Birthday parties and play dates galore.  It’s really sweet seeing little ones have the time of their lives. Speaking of which, my son had the time of his as we left London for a weekend and attended our village’s classic car show.  He was in Heaven.

As always Nubian Skin kept me busy.  One of the most fun things I got to do this month was relaunch the Nubian Beings series.  I had a super fun interview with Eva Sonaike, and I can’t wait for all of you to watch the episode and hear Eva’s story and learn about her fabulous brand.

I’ve made time for some amazing culture this month.  I was fortunate enough to attend a private exhibition tour at Sotheby’s.  It never occurred to me that most of the work of famous artists we see is actually in private hands, and so visiting the sales exhibitions is a way to see rarely seen work of well-known artists.  My favourites were the impressionists works.  Later in the year there is going to be an Africa focused sale, and I’m already looking forward to visiting for that. Tip: You can see the exhibitions free of charge, and they are open to the public – a wonderful date idea.

I ended the month with a fun Pop Up with two other female-led brands: Florian London and Yaura Fashion. My handsome little cousins came to help out for a bit!

I did quite a few bra fittings, which I hadn’t done it a while, and it reminded me of how much I love helping women feel comfortable in their skin.  The look on women’s faces when they first see the complement of the colour match of our product is truly amazing, and then when they see how brilliant the fit is – that’s really the cherry on the top. It reminded me of what I love about Nubian Skin and running this business.

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