Breast Cancer Awareness Month | A Few Things

Breast Cancer Awareness Month | A Few Things

Nubian Skin prides itself as a leader (within our right) in the lingerie industry, shedding light on the importance of extending the nude for women of all backgrounds. The conversation amongst many industries speaks about the ongoing research towards breast cancer, raising awareness and being aware of your body as a woman.

We understand that there are still gaps where women do not feel catered to based on their needs or seen. This year we wanted to engage in a dialogue with women about their relationship with lingerie, community and health care in the pandemic and other topics that many haven't considered yet.

Leanne Pero, founder of Black Women Rising UK  spoke with us about inclusion in the lingerie industry and ways to change beyond raising awareness. 

We will be sharing Leanne's thoughts on:
- Her relationship lingerie since her diagnosis
- Community
Black Women Rising- The Untold Cancer Stories Podcast & other projects

To our customers and followers, we invite you to get in touch about any questions or suggestions. We endeavour to continue empowering women whilst embracing their perfect nude lingerie and underwear.

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