Guest Post Terrance Williams | A few favourite things

By Ade Hassan published on

My absolute favourite piece from Nubian skin is the  naked bodysuit. For me when it comes to fashion I absolutely need and love versatile pieces. I love pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. I love a piece that I can wear multiple times but in different ways and it looks like a completely new piece every time and with the naked bodysuit I am able to achieve that every single time. I love to wear it with a layered look if I want to dress it up.

I have worn it under blazers, under my own dusters, and under dresses that may be a little sheer for more coverage. on days where it is really hot I love to pair it with some high waisted shorts and a cute shoe and some dainty jewelry and that is it! It makes a very simple yet sexy and stated outfit. Because the naked body suit matches my skin tone it gives the illusion that I’m not wearing anything when in actuality I am completely covered!  
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Another item that I truly enjoy is the naked bandeau.  I’m currently on vacation and the bandeau has quickly become one of my vacation staple pieces because it is so fun to wear and easy to use to bring a whole outfit together. I have been wearing it with a two piece linen set and it really elevates the outfit and makes it young and fresh.  The two piece consists of a button up top and a bottom and I love to wear the button up top completely open with the bandeau top revealed and the pants a little high waisted.
It just makes it very on trend and fashionable. Again, I love pieces that can be versatile, that can be dressed up or dress down and the bandeau top provides coverage and still really matches my skin tone and gives the illusion that I am not wearing anything. I love that it can be worn with multiple different outfits and provide coverage while  still feeling like the outfit is just revealing enough!  This summer for me is the summer of skin and with both the naked bodysuit and the bandeau top I am able to show off my skin yet still be covered in a way that is sexy and fun!