How to care for your Nubian Skin Lingerie

By Olivia Howes published on

It is always important to read up on how to properly take care for your clothing as products need different care depending on their colour, fabrics, and componentry. With Nubian Skin garments, it can require a little extra TLC, due to the fact that you want to preserve the color, so it matches your skin tone forever!

We have compiled a list of instructions on how to best care for your Nubian Skin nude lingerie, to help you out when it comes to washing your undies.

1. ACCESSORIES: Purchase some delicates mesh laundry bags. You can get these in most home shops or online (E.g. Target, Walmart or Amazon). These allow your bras & panties to stay safe in the washing machine when with other garments that may harm the fabric of your lingerie. 

Close bra clasps before adding to bag

Fasten Bra clasps before adding to laundry bag

2. PREPARATION: Separate your bras into one delicates bag, and your panties into another. Make sure your bra clasps are fastened CLOSED, so that the hook can't catch on other bras in the bag. If you are super wary about this, use 1 or 2 bras per bag.

Use hand wash or delicates cycle, 30 degrees and low spin

Use hand wash or delicates cycle, 30°C and a low spin

3. WASHING: Once in the washing machine, use a 'delicates' or 'hand wash' cycle, if you have one, and make sure your wash is no higher than 30°C (86°F), also making sure you turn the spin right down to preserve the fabric.

Hand to dry out of direct heat & sunlight

Hand to dry out of direct heat & sunlight

4. DRYING: Once your wash is complete, hang your bras and panties dry. Do not tumble dry and do not iron. When hanging, make sure that you hang bras by their back fastening or a strap, and hang panties at the side seam or gusset. This is so if the peg distorts/creases the fabric, you it won't affect the garment's fabric where it can be seen. Also, hang away from direct heat (radiators, fireplaces, electric heaters) and also out of direct sunlight for too long, as this can compromise the color.

Fold soft cup bras in half, padded bras lay flat

Fold soft cup bras in half, padded bras lay flat

5. FOLDING: To fold your soft cup bras, fasten the clasp, fold the cups together, fold the back into the cup, and then the straps into the cup. Always store padded/moulded cups flat (after you fasten the clasp), you should never fold the cups in as it will distort the cup over time. Fold panties into 3, lay on its front, fold the gusset up to the waist line, then each side into the centre.

Fold panties into 3

Fold panties into 3

6. HAND WASHING: If you have more intricate garments that you are wary about putting into the washing machine, lingerie maybe like Jaiye or Rafat, you can always hand wash. This ensures the lace/embroidery is not being pulled at, and delicate mesh fabrics can stay in great form. As before, also always hang dry.

Taking good care of your lingerie can be really important to get a really good life out of them. And always remember, if you think a garment has lived a good life and is ready for a refresh, always dispose of underwear sustainably, find a local bra donation charity, or find another use for components like straps, wires, or hooks and only dispose of minimal materials.

Cotton Collection, Naked Collection, Mesh Collection

Cotton, Naked, Mesh Wireless Bras

We are proud to sell high quality garments in beautiful skin tones, that should last as long as possible providing you take the correct steps to look after them.

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