Menswear | Organic Cotton T-Shirt

By Ade Hassan published on

Nubian Skin first introduced menswear with a line of boxer briefs in the brands signature range of skin tones, made with Organic Cotton with a slight stretch for a great fit and excellent support. 


Now we have expanded with a range of briefs, t-shirts, perfect to use as undershirts or as regular t-shirts like Daniel Adetu, influencer and founder of MYKEDANIELS. One of the fun parts about the option of working from home after last year, is being able to comfortably work in just about anything you feel comfortable in, even if it is simply our Organic Cotton Briefs.

A well-dressed man considers his wardrobe from what he wears underneath to what he wears on the outside. Currently in London, the sun is shining and the heat is gearing up. We absolutely love the concept of styling our Menswear Organic Cotton t-shirt with a neutral trouser for an ultimate nude hue ensemble.



Daniel is wearing all of our pieces in shade Cinnamon

 Daniel is wearing all of our pieces in shade Cinnamon