Nubian Skin | The Soft Life: Picnic Styling

Nubian Skin | The Soft Life: Picnic Styling
Everyone is a fan of the "soft life", but don't let the quest for the soft life lead you to the broke life because there's nothing fun about that.  Five-star hotels and spa breaks are all well and good, but "softness" doesn't mean breaking the bank.  There are many simple ways to de-stress, celebrate the little (and big wins) and enjoy the every day.  It's one of the reasons we love the Rafat collection so much, a little treat to ourselves and a physical embodiment of softness and femininity.  It's also one of the reasons I love Spring so much, because it's the beginning of picnic weather.  
Nubian Skin Picnic
A picnic is such a simple and lovely indulgence.  Whiling away a few hours surrounded by pretty surroundings and eating your favourite treats...what's not to love?  
The brilliant thing about picnics are you can tailor them however you want.  Grab a straw bag and blanket and head to your grocery store, pick up some bread, cheese, meats, some grocery store flowers (they're inexpensive, and you can take home the feeling of the picnic long after it's dark), and your favourite drink, and then head off to your nearest park and bask in the sun.  Maybe invite some friends, maybe take a good book.  
Nubian Skin Underwear - What to wear for a Picnic
Of course, dressing the part is key, so throw on a floral maxi dress (we love the options from black-owned Kemi Telford), or if you plan to be more active, a t-shirt and fun shorts, and then see where the day takes you.  Our Rafat wireless bra and brief are the perfect base to a fun flowy maxi dress, or opt for our t-shirt bra for the perfect under layer to your white tee.  Treat yourself to the soft life.  You deserve it. 


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