Nubian Skin for Mothers

Nubian Skin for Mothers

As Mothers, we often sacrifice our own needs and desires for our families, and to dress up, feel great, is often a harder task for us than most! Nubian Skin's motto is to empower women to embrace their colour, and this goes a long way for Mothers. Having a comfortable undergarment or set of underwear, and more so in your perfect nude skin tone, a is a way for us to feel seen, to feel confident in whatever we want to wear, and to dress up and look great with minimal effort and maximum comfort. It is a small part of an outfit that can have a big impact. And don't we deserve it!

Ade Hassan, MBE


Nubian Skin's founder Ade, is a proud mother. We asked Ade a few questions in honour of Mother's Day.

What do you love most about being a Mother?

"Probably one of the things I love about being a mother is experiencing love in a completely different way.  From the moment I became a mother, I experienced this all encompassing, unconditional, protective love, which I had never fully experienced or appreciated before. I also love all the snuggles and cuddles, they're just the loveliest thing."

What do you struggle the most with about being a Mother?

"Now I'm in full blown toddler phase, I have to catch myself to stop constantly trying to impose my will, they're learning so much at that age, so it's really me letting go and giving him a bit of room to learn his own mind (within reason!).  I really need and value quiet time, just to be alone with my thoughts, and children need so much attention - that's definitely been something I've had to work really hard to carve out time for."

What is your favourite piece from Nubian Skin and why? 

"I wear the cotton wireless bra A LOT.  I started wearing it during pregnancy, and I found it worked really well when I was breastfeeding, and now it's my default bra most days."

The Cotton collection

The Cotton Wireless Bra & Thong


You can pair the Cotton Wireless Bra with your favourite shape of Cotton Panties.

Some other key pieces from Nubian Skin that are great to help you feel more confident in your favourite outfit, are our Shaping Tights, Naked Full Slip, Naked Bodysuit, and our selection of No VPL Naked Panties! Nubian Skin's Naked Collection helps to prevent unsightly lines or contrast with clothing, ensuring a smooth and polished look.

The Naked Collection

The Naked Collection


For mothers who are constantly on the go, comfortable and functional underwear is essential, and Nubian Skin can provide that necessary comfort while still looking stylish. Wearing your perfect skin tone underwear can be a small but significant act of self-care for Mothers, reminding them that they are deserving of comfort and beauty in their daily lives.

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