Perfect Pieces for Transition Weather

Perfect Pieces for Transition Weather
It's not quite spring but not really winter anymore.  Transition weather, always one of the trickiest times to dress for.  At this point of the year I'm always itching to put away the winter coats and bring on the floral dresses, but as too many years experience has taught me, I'll just end up cold and miserable with the absolute worst pair of shoes for a rain shower.  
So for this transition period, here are a few fail safe wardrobe items and the perfect underwear to go with them. 
Nubian Skin Underwear for Spring
You don't have to don your massive puffer coat any more, but keep a decently weighted wool one handy because Mother Nature really doesn't care if you're ready for hot girl summer, it isn't even spring yet. 
I love a low cut button down cardigan paired with our Naked wireless bra for an effortless look.  A bright coloured mini dress paired with our 40 denier shaping tights and over the knee boots lets you scratch your Spring dressing while still keeping warm.  Finally a floral blazer gives a nod to Spring - pair with our bandeau and a neutral pair of tapered trousers.  Now here's to waiting patiently for more sun and a rising thermostat.
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