Rafat: Behind the Name

Rafat: Behind the Name

I was so excited to host our first event post-Covid and welcomed friends and brand supporters to the launch of the RAFAT Collection in collaboration with NARS.

I am grateful for the incredible and inspiring women attending the event, and I would love to share it with the Nubian Skin family.

"Rafat, is my paternal Grandmother's name, Rafat Amobe. Rafat means compassion in arabic. She was somebody that embodied that so fully. Amope, her middle name, means 'ones who's knowledge is complete'. I am Yoruba, that is my tribe, and in the Yoruba culture your ancestry is incredibly important. Something I've always seen my parents do is honour their parents and their ancestors, so in creating this collection, it is a way for me to honour my Grandmother. Especially over the last 2 years, a lot of us have needed compassion, a lot of people have needed to be shown compassion, so I think it is just something that is so fitting.

rafat floral design rafat wireless bra

Nubian Skin Rafat Wireless Bra in Berry

Adding pink, a bit of colour, to our nude palette, it's that softness, it's all in keeping with that compassion. Particularly with self-compassion and treating ourselves well. My grandmother was not somebody who was incredibly well educated when it comes to the western view of things, but she had so much grace and was such a strong woman and a loving woman.

 rafat floral design Rafat wired bra rafat g-string

Nubian Skin Rafat Wired Bra & G-String in Caramel

People talk a lot about generational curses and I come from a lot of generational blessings and I think that is something that isn't talked about a lot, but I am where I am because of my parents, and they are where they are because of their parents, and so I can see so clearly how my grandmother blessed my father and how he took that attitude and blessed and provide for me. So for me this is a way to honour my grandmother and a way of honouring generational blessings, and it's also just a reminder that compassion is something that is so so needed in this world and especially to ourselves.

Ade Hassan, at the Rafat Launch Event

As women especially, we can be so hard on ourselves, and I think for me, coming from generational blessings, it's very easy for me to fall into the trap of 'to whom much is given much is expected', which I believe whole-heartedly. But I understand that means sometimes not having a lot of compassion for yourself, so this is a constant reminder that we should really, really have compassion for ourselves"


         Fumi Désálù Vold and  Christina Ajayi

Yvonne Bajela and Ade hassan
         Yvonne Bajela and Ade Hassan
Chanel Ambrose at Nubian Skin Rafat Collection launch
         Chanel Ambrose 

     From left to right . Olivia-Zara , Jade Vanriel, Ade Hassan, Rufaro Styling, Chanel Ambrose, Fisayo Alonge, Alexis Adjei, Susanne Sossanya

Watch the full Rafat Launch Event here

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