Spring Forward!

Spring Forward!
Spring is here and for me, that means lighter clothing, brighter wardrobe options.
An outfit will never make sense if I genuinely don’t feel comfortable in what I’m wearing underneath. From how my bra feels against my skin, to the breathability of my underwear and any undergarments I pair for more fitted dressing.
I’m grateful that this time, alongside my trusty fuller bust bra and matching knickers, I also have a wireless option that is within the mesh collection (a complete nude wireless bra up to dual FF/G - Ade you life-saver!)
Another great thing that has become a permanent feature at Nubian Skin is shop sets & save, because who doesn’t want to complete a set and save their coin?
If I were to choose a set I would defo shine light on the fuller bust bra with knickers because it’s just an essential and my favourite website diary page #IALH also raves about how great the fuller bust bra is.
OZ, I hear you but £55!”
I hear you but think about your cost per wear! This year alone, I’m going to 9 weddings! 9 special days out where I’m going to JAIYEEEE and the last thing I’m thinking about is if a black bra is peeping in my *inserts fire emoji* Instagram post - you see where I’m coming from? That’s basically £6 per wear - excluding the baby/bridal showers & weekend brunches I’ll be stepping out to. Last Last, don't forget to use your first time discount (make sure your subscribe to our channel!) or shop & save
If you’re like me and the wiser you are becoming, the less you want to be digging through your underwear draw looking for a bra that is hanging by the thread (this is a sign to donate your old bras with wire popping out sis) then be a smart babe and buy yourself a Nubian Skin bra 
OZ x
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