Wish you were here...Postcard from Paris

Wish you were here...Postcard from Paris
All the news and images from Paris Fashion Week have me dreaming of a weekend in Paris!  Springtime in Paris is literally the subject of songs, so as the weather gets warmer and the days longer, I can't help but dream. Paris is one of my favourite cities, and I discover something new every time I go.  If I could plan a dream Paris weekend, it would look a little something like this. 
Your business just had an IPO:  The Ritz.  Not many more words needed.  If it was good enough for Chanel and Hemingway, it would be rude not to.  Just a minor issue around the cost ;)
Still working on the side hustle: If you're keeping to your new years goals of saving, then Hotel Henriette is a safe bet.  A charming and perfectly formed left bank hotel which won't break the bank.
There are so many jewels both decadent and more down to earth in Paris, the problem will be picking which to choose.
Picnic on the Seine - Paris isn't complete without a picnic overlooking the Seine, so find a local boulangerie and cheese shop and eat your baguette on a spot on Ile Saint Louis or Ile de Cité.  
Berthillon Ice Cream - If you're in the vicinity of Ile Saint Louis, you may as well stop by Berthillon for the yummiest ice cream in Paris. 
Frenchie - I've been trying to go to this restaurant on Rue de Nil for over 12 years!  They're not open on the weekend, so if you're in town during the week, try to get a table!
Wander, wander and wander some more, whether it's the winding the streets of the Marais or the cobble stone paths on Saint Germain, Paris is made for walking.
Museé du Quai Branly - one of my favourites.  I love going to see the African section to see the art stolen discovered in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.
Opera Garnier - It's my dream to see an opera or ballet here.  The location, the drama, the outfits.  
Paris is dreamy and has so many moods, so packing for a weekend needs to be considered carefully.  For evening, I'd go with a black tux, classic, very Parisienne - low cut with the Naked Body Suit underneath. Day time, it's time to get the legs out and with them our hosiery. I'd be living my Paris chic dreams with a Dior inspired blazer, mini skirt and patent red mary janes, paired with our 15 denier or body shaping tights and our organic cotton wireless bra to keep us comfortable all day. For a romantic meal, I'd need something soft, feminine and floral - a print dress in a pastel colour would do the trick. 
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